What is a laminate bag?

Bags have different types that are used for different applications.Depending on what the contents of the bag are and what type of product or raw material it consists of, the bag should be prepared accordingly. Another type of bag is known as laminate bags, which we will introduce in this article.

What is laminate?

Laminate or laminate bag is a protective coating that is applied to the fabric to produce jumbo bags and various types of bags (laminate bags) that, when sewing the bag, the laminated surface is placed inside it and prevents moisture from penetrating inside the bag.

It is worth noting that the laminate or laminate bag causes a relative lack of moisture penetration, and this is not a reason to consider it waterproof. If more moisture is prevented, it is usually recommended to use the inner polyethylene ( nylon )layer of the sack, although this protective polyethylene layer also does not protect the bag and contents 100% against moisture.

Difference between laminate bag and polyethylene layer

Depending on how important the lack of moisture penetration is, you can choose between the two . Because this layer makes the bag somewhat waterproof and moisture-proof.

However, you should note that the sacks are not waterproof in standard mode.

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