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تولید پنل های خورشیدی

Navid Electric Saida is a newly established engineering company and another subsidiary of the Nik FIF™ Industrial Production Group. The company specializes in the production of clean and renewable energy, including wind, solar, CHP, and iodine power plants, under the brand SIDATM. The primary goal of SIDATM is to preserve the environment by producing clean energy. It is currently constructing its own solar power plant adjacent to the Nik Fiber factories in Kurdistan.

Equipped with SHARP panels and Fronius inverters, which represent the latest technology globally, the SAIDATM solar power plant has the capacity to produce one megawatt of clean electricity. This electricity is integrated into the complex’s production cycle, and any surplus is fed into the regional electricity distribution network. This initiative not only contributes to reducing unemployment and protecting the environment but also lowers the finished price of Nik FIBTM products.

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