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About the company

نیک الیاف کردستان

The company is one of the subgroups of the Nik FIBTM Industrial Production Group. It was established to increase the company’s production capacity in response to domestic and international market demands and to diversify its product offerings. Currently, it is constructing a production plant designed to produce 5,000 tons of polypropylene bags annually. This includes the production of AD*STAR® bags. The machinery for this unit is supplied by Starlinger Austria, renowned for its unique capability to produce products that stand out in terms of quality and price.

We are proud to announce that the operation of this production unit next year will provide employment for 150 young people in the province. Furthermore, the bag production capacity of this complex is expected to reach 10,000 tons per year. This expansion not only significantly contributes to domestic consumption but also boosts exports.

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