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Nik Alyaf Kurdistan With the help of expert and experienced experts, they offer you the best product

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Nik Alyaf Kurdistan offers the design and implementation of your products using the latest method in the world and with the best quality.

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The delivery of products by Nik Alyaf Kurdistan is completely free and delivered to customers.

Kurdistan’s polypropylene fiber and bag factories with the brand Telis® from the subgroups, Nik fibers Kurdistan company was registered as one of the oldest companies in the province in 1372 and started its activity in 1375 with a capacity of 2400 tons per year as the first and only manufacturer of polypropylene fibers and bags in the west of the country and has so far been able to increase the annual capacity to 5000 tons of various types of polypropylene bags upgrade and export its products to other countries such as Iraq, Kuwait, Qatar, Azerbaijan, Russia and yen in addition to domestic production.

Product quality 90%
Design 87%
Development of the domestic market 70%
Foreign market development 65%
نیک الیاف کردستان

Easy to order

Customers can share their design with our sales experts to be designed by experienced designers and then referred to the production line and finally printing and inspection, and finally packaged and shipped completely (free).

Experience an easy and secure purchase with Nik Alyaf Kurdistan.

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Highest quality

Our quality credits three decades of continuous production in the market.

Protector of environment

All Nik Alyaf Kurdistan products are recyclable in nature.

The right price

Ask us for the cheapest price and the highest quality.

Waterproof and sunproof

Our products are sun resistant and waterproof laminate bags.

Green production

We're making a green product with the help of Saida™.

Ease of purchase

Shop easily and without worries.

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