Jumbo bag, the best choice for packaging

The jumbo bug, also called the big bug, is actually a common plastic bag made of polypropylene, also known as the polypropylene bag. These bags are used to move and transport loads of between 500 and 2,500 kilograms.

If your products are solid and dry in the form of sequins, seeds or clumps, this bag is very suitable.

Jumbo bag and its transportation

It is best transported by forklift in warehouses and factories.

There are a number of handles (about 2 or 4)on top of the jumbo bag, which the forklift uses to lift and move the packaging.Every year, more than 500 million tons of products are packaged and moved around the world.

Also outside the jumbo bag factory, it is loaded into five or 10 trucks and packed with a polyethylene cover and a belt for transportation.

In this way, this volume of products can be transported in the least possible space.

The use of these bags is more common in the movement of materials such as wheat, cloves and.. Suitable.Townspeople and villagers also have numerous uses for jumbo bugs.

کیسه جامبو

Jumbo bag and its price

The price of jumbo bags depends on market conditions and the dollar rate, because the raw materials for the fabric are polypropylene, which fluctuates every day.

Also, depending on what product is going to be inside, the fabric will change and therefore the price will vary .

Currently, various types of jumbo bags are produced in the Kurdistan Nik fibers company, which you can choose according to your conditions and type of use to save time and money well.

How to drain the jumbo bag?

There are several types of jumbo bags, which are very effective in saving time and money when choosing the right working conditions for you. The types of which are as follows:

  • Jumbo bug with drain funnel
  • Jumbo bag flat bottom or closed bottom

The jumbo bag with a drain funnel means that it can be reused repeatedly if safety and hygiene tips are observed. Which, of course, has a higher price and a higher protection of the contents of the package.

Jumbo bag closed bottom or flat bottom, this type of bag is usually disposable and not used in large numbers, and in cases where the contents of the package are bulk, the closed bottom is torn to discharge the load.

Types of jumbo bags

  1. Model 2 strap
  2. Model 4 strap
  3. U-shaped model
  4. Model 8 strap
  5. Sheath handle model
  6. Stabilizer part model
  7. Slingbug model
  8. Pallet model
  9. Big bug with a bunch of wigs
  10. Big bug with two wigs
کیسه جامبو

What is the safety factor of the jumbo bag?

  • Safety factor 5: 1

These are models of disposable jumbo bugs

  • Safety factor 6: 1

This model of jumbo bugs is a multi-use.

If you want to buy this type of bags, you can contact Nik Alyaf Kurdistan.


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